Thursday, June 13, 2013

To My Google Reader Subscribers...

According to my statistics, 119 people subscribe to Questioning via Google Feedcatcher, which includes Google Reader and iGoogle subscribers.

Google Reader is going away very soon. I hope that those of you who use Google Reader will stay with Questioning through another subscription avenue. If you want to try another reader, the easiest I've found is Bloglovin, which transfers all your GR subscriptions at the click of a button.

(Edited to add that Bloglovin did not pay me to say's just the only one of the feed readers I could get to work for me after hours of trying. When I clicked that button and BAM! all my feeds were there, I wondered why I didn't start with Bloglovin the first place. The dent on my desk is deeper from banging my head over this issue.)

You also have the option of subscribing via email. If you choose that, please look for the verification email you'll receive shortly after filling out the subscription box (located on the sidebar of the blog). If you don't get the verification email, check your spam filter.

Thank you for sticking with Questioning through these awkward Google changes!

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  1. Thanks for letting me/us know about bloglovin - it was quick and seems pretty awesome. Glad to be able to continue to follow you. thanks much!!


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