Monday, June 10, 2013

Gratitude Journal #191

Today, I am grateful for Patti M's thoughtfulness. She sent me and George an anniversary card, even though she and I have never met in real life and she wouldn't know me to cross the street. Patti has remembered our anniversary for several years now, and her kindness and thoughtfulness to this internet stranger/friend is just so refreshing!

Today, I'm grateful for marriage. This Friday, George and I will have been married for 27 years. Pretty cool, eh? Love you, honey-bunny!

Today, I am grateful for my mother's safe travels and fun with friends and family.

Today, I am grateful for something Pastor Suzanne said in her sermon: "Politics can't save us." She was, of course, referring to the fact that the Jews expected the Messiah to be a political leader to bring back power and stability to His People. Instead, as we literary critics would say, Jesus shifted the discourse away from earthly power to power of the Spirit and eternal life.

Her comment got me thinking about how partisan our politics and our religion have become, how much energy we put into hating this party or that party, how much fear-mongering and media slant incite us to reactionary words and behavior. We so want politics to turn out for us, for our party, for our side. But God's not on a side. He's too big for that. His love is too big for that. God saves. And that is a happy thought.

Today, I am grateful for a boy who wakes up in the morning and sings "Zippity Doo-Dah." I've got a bluebird on my shoulder...and everything's satisfactual.

What are YOU grateful for today?

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  1. Grateful for:
    - Beautiful sunny day here today
    - My son passing his reffing clinic practical and
    not an "official" ref for soccer so he can earn
    some money next fall reffing.
    - For moving much of my unloved stuff at a local
    LSS Garage Sale so I have some mad money to
    spend on some of my wish lists!
    - For my daughter's hard work on her year end
    English presentation -- it is fabulous!
    - For my hubby feeling better after a nasty cold
    - For being able to get out of bed on my own
    and for good health
    - For God's love for me


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