Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Universe Conspires

George snores. He denies it, but it's true. And when he snores, I can't sleep. So we have a routine. I read in bed while he falls asleep; then I move to another room to sleep.

For a long time, I moved to Nick's room because he slept with Jack, but now the boys sleep in their own rooms. For the past month or so, I slept on the living room sofa because, get this, Nick didn't want me sleeping in the guest room.

You see, the guest room is in the far corner of the finished basement, which is big and dark and scary at night. Nick didn't want to wake in the night, need me, and have to go to the basement to find me.

Never mind that Nick hasn't woken me up at night since he was three years old (he's 13 now). Never mind that I offered to leave a few basement lights on at night. Never mind that mom was sleeping on the sofa while the rest of the family...even the dog...slept in real beds.

Last night, I went to the basement. George encouraged me to take the dog, so I did. Daisy snuggled beside me on the guest bed, her head on the pillow. As I started to drift off, I heard it.

No. It wasn't possible.

Surely not.

Yes. Yes. She was.

Daisy was snoring.

I cannot win.


  1. Thanks for my evening giggle...unfortunately at yoru expense because we have friends that have a dog who snores and I know what it sounds like. Hang in there!!

  2. Fortunately, after I repositioned her a few times, she quit and didn't start up again all night. Could be worse. She could snore every night but doesn't!

  3. You probably already know this, but if your husband's snoring is not rhythmic it could be Sleep Apnea. My husband has it. Before he was treated for it, you could hear him any where in the house. I had no basement to retreat to!

  4. You have such a wonderful way of writing and I look forward to reading your blog. Oh my, I can relate to your situation as far as the husband snoring and you have my deepest sympathy. Of course when I read your post I did more than chuckle, I totally cracked up! I go to the other end of the house and sleep on the sofa most nights. On occasion, when we have house guest and the only places for them to sleep are the sofa or the floor, I have to sleep with my husband and found that ear plugs help.

  5. It seems so unfair that a snorer generally sleeps soundly and wakes refreshed, whereas the person sharing his sleeping space, generally has a restless sleep and wakes grumpy and tired. I am not the snorer - I am the grumpy and tired one!

  6. Ever think of having George sleep in the guest room with Daisy? That way you are avaiable for the boys if they need you.

    My Dad was a big snorer so my mom had to fall asleep first. Once asleep nothing but sunlight could wake her up.



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