Monday, June 24, 2013

Gratitude Journal #193

Today, I am grateful to have made a decision about buying a new car. We'll see if the dealership cooperates. If not, no biggie...I love my Passat with 134,000 miles on it and it IS still running strong. If the dealer cooperates, I'll be driving new wheels soon. (For the curious, the new wheels will belong to a dark red Mazda CX-9.)

Today, I am grateful for a visit from my sister-in-law Angela. I'm grateful for a fun time spent with her at the Cincinnati Museum Dinosaurs exhibit and for seeing how much the boys enjoy spending time with their aunt. I'm grateful that a spotted fawn made an appearance in our back yard just for Angela. I'm grateful (but not at all surprised) that she enjoyed the food George fixed for her, claiming the grilled skirt steak tacos were the best thing she'd ever eaten. I don't think she's had his grilled rib-eyes, though. I am also grateful Angela had safe travels for her trip, despite some weather delays.

Today, I am grateful for the commissioning of five new Stephen Ministers at our church and for the final tearful farewell to our youth minister and his family. We repeat the commissioning ceremony at all three services, and by Sunday afternoon I felt so wrung out a good way! The youth minister is moving on to receive his own church...a wonderful step forward in his faith journey supported by his lovely family, though we will miss them all. Our five new SMs are also moving forward in faithful service to God to provide loving care for those in pain. Heart. Is. Bursting. With. Gratitude.

Today, I am grateful that Nick enjoys mowing the lawn. It's so cool to see him out on the riding lawn mower in his ball cap looking like a mature and responsible young man.

 Today, I am grateful for my iPhone camera which allows us to document life on the go!

"It's exhausting being so adorably golden."

Jack, Nick, and Aunt Angela happily oblivious to the
danger lurking behind.

Cute bald guy who belongs to me.

What are you grateful for today? 

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