Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things on Thursday: Furry Things

A Furry Lap Warmer:

My mother, who is always freezing in our house, got a nice warm puppy on her lap. We keep our house quite cold year-round in deference to George's nordic genes, so my southern mother is perpetually cold when she visits. Sorry, Mom.

Furry Friends:

Mom's dog Lolly has gotten along beautifully with the Furry Golden Sunshine. We weren't sure how it would go because Lolly is eight and an only dog while Daisy is seven months and a pretty socialized dog who expects everyone and every animal to love her excessively. No worries. Lolly and Daisy play tug together, eat happily out of the same bowl together, beg together, and, of course, sleep together.

But Daisy is a Princess who loves the entire universe with an enthusiasm unparalleled in mammalian history and therefore expects massive quantities of love back from everyone in it. She puts herself between Lolly and my mother, demanding pats from mom while Lolly looks on. Daisy always wants to know where Lolly is, to make sure she's not getting the love that should, rightfully, fall on the Princess.

Lolly's entire universe is my mother. She's a friendly dog, but her whole being is a compass needle pointing north to my mother. Fortunately, she's secure enough in Mom's love that she can share Mom without undo possessiveness.

It's been hysterical watching the two furry things work out a friendship. 

What things are interesting to you today?


  1. Thanks again for sharing your story with us! I'm still sitting here with my mouth hanging open - look at the size of Daisy's paw!!! She may end up being larger than Hoover! I love your photos, and I have to say that I am so jealous that you can have your mom with you for Christmas! Cherish every special second with that wonderful, and very beautiful lady! As for my interesting's to be buried alive in end of month reports! Hugs!

  2. Love, love, LOVE Daisy stories, and this one is a good one!

    Interesting to me today? The fact that my boss said to take tomorrow off!!! YEEHA!

  3. Both Lolly and Daisy look so cute and peaceful. It's great that they get along so well together.

    I'm happy that you have been able to spend time with your mom. Those are precious moments.

    Nothing real interesting here other than I got out my New Year's cards today and got them mailed. They may reach people tomorrow -- just maybe.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For putting the smile on my face this morning as I enjoyed the pictures. Your mom and my mom seem similar. My mom is always cold when she visits us. I think she uses it as an excuse to hug and nuzzle with our Labradoodle and make him into a lap dog as well!! It's amazing how similar we all are.

    Enjoy the holidays; enjoy your family and thank you again for sharing! Sincerely, Beverly


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