Monday, December 27, 2010

Gratitude Journal #72

Today, I am grateful for Christmas and everything associated with it this year (including a giant standing rib roast, a giant new television, and a light blue fleece shirt that feels like a cozy hug from my sister), for my mother who is visiting, and for hope, peace, joy, and love.

Today, I am grateful for you. You're reading this. And I hope you'll share what you are grateful for in the comments because this is a season that feeds on gratitude. The more you hear it, read it, and see it, the more you feel it.

So, grow the world's grateful heart today and tell me what are you grateful for.


  1. For you! Your challenges, along with the consistent blogging and creating, have been a great inspiration to me this year. And it has given me freedom to leave behind so many of the layers and frilly bits I was seeing everywhere in the crafting world.

  2. Sometimes you put a smile on my face, sometimes a tear in my eye but I am grateful that I am able to enjoy your blog.

    I also am grateful for my three cats, they provide me with endless entertainment and of course loads of love.

  3. I am currently very grateful for the computer that makes it so easy for me to communicate with people who are near and far.

    And, as usual, I am grateful for the sunshine.

  4. Today, I am grateful for 26 inches of snow. I know it is not a blessing to everyone, but it's beauty is a blessing to me, and I am grateful that I can sit in a warm and cozy home, with a cup of hot tea, and enjoy looking at it.

  5. I am grateful for my 3 children who very thoughtfully blessed each other and their parents with hand made or hand picked gifts which show they notice what we and each other love to do. They also showed that same sweet generosity to others outside our family. They are a gift.

    I am also grateful we all have a little time to relax and play.

  6. I am grateful for meeting you through your blog. Love your words of wit and intelligence.

    I am grateful for God and family.


  7. I am grateful for my wonderful friends, who helped me deal with a death in my family very recently. I didn't realize how many amazing people I can rely on, if I need to.


  8. I am grateful that my poor kitty made it through Christmas. She isn't well - honestly I didn't think she'd make it to Christmas - but she's hanging on like the stubborn little thing she is. :)
    And don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that the buying, wrapping, running and 4 year old temper tantrums are over too! (well, tantrums aren't over per se - but at least they won't happen during the mad rush anymore either!)

  9. I'm grateful for the wonderful health care system that saved one of my best friends who had a heart attack last week and for the doctors did bypass surgery on him on Christmas Eve and the wonderful nurses in Intensive Care who looked after him on Christmas Day. While most of us are at home enjoying ourselves with family and friends for the holidays, there are others who are at work - I'm grateful for them.

  10. Today, I'm grateful for my sister. I'm home sick, running a fever, and generally feeling lousy. My sister picked up my meds at the drugstore and brought me some banana popsicles for my swollen, blistered throat. And yesterday she brought me some of her delicious homemade potato soup. She is a blessing to me! Love you, Sis!


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