Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things on Thursday: Catching Up

Things on Thursday has been neglected lately, so today I'm sharing three things with you.

First up, a note Jack wrote after we sent him to his room for making annoying car noises. Regular readers know that Jack's autistic stimming takes the form of repeated movie lines and car and train noises. There's been a LOT of stimming in the past few months, and when it gets particularly perseverative, George and I try to send him to his room, where he can stim to his heart's content. Still, this note made us feel about two inches tall.

Please note that my son used the apostrophe correctly. We'll let the missing o slide this time.

Next, a picture of a typical corner of our dish towels, courtesy of Daisy. She's tall enough to get most anything off the kitchen counter, and when she knows we can't see her, she puts her paws on the counter and pulls off whatever soft thing she finds...towels, gloves, and such. Whoever said dogs don't know the difference between good and evil never owned one.

Finally, the thing herself.

She leads a rough life, don't you think?  Remember when she was this size?

Yeah, she couldn't reach the towels then.

Ahhh, the good ol' days!


  1. Aww, that note is so sweet!

    So glad our dog is short. He likes softies too, after chewing the stuffing out of all his toys, we got him a "blankie", he drags it around like Linus, and all the corners are chewed off. Amazingly, he knows the difference between it and our towels. So far we've been very lucky, the only thing he's damaged in our house is one of Shane's webkins, now the toys get picked up!

  2. Too cute! The note literally brought to me a smile and a tear at the same time! Then the towel made me giggle. When I saw Daisy all sprawled out, I had to laugh out loud! Thanks for making my day! I'm iced in, can't get out of here, and you brightened my day more than you know!!!

  3. Susan to bring home even more the "I'm srry" note then google Coventry Patmore's poem 'The Toys'. Says it all really!

    Lynn xx

  4. I bet Hoover is having a ball watching Daisy train your family...


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