Friday, June 25, 2010

Words, Words, Words about Pleasure

The July 2010 issue of Real Simple magazine has an article by Paul Bloom about finding pleasure. He writes:

"Happiness is a prolonged state of being that is influenced by a variety of factors, ranging from a person's relationships to her religion to her genetic predispositions. Pleasure, on the other hand, is a purely instinctive reaction with a brief life span: 30 seconds to an hour or two, tops. And while happiness can be elusive at times, sources of pleasure are fairly easy to come by."

The giggly pleasure of listening to children laugh, the delicious pleasure of a mocha, and the pleasurable peace of watching a beautiful sunset over water spring to my mind as wonderful sources of pleasure.

What comes to your mind when you think of sources of pleasure in your life?


  1. I totally agree on the sound of children's laughter. I'd also add hugs and kisses from same said children, puppy snuggles and kisses, the smell of salty air and sound of the waves at the beach, crossing the finish line on a run, , knowing that something I made, whether it be food or craft, put a smile on their face, and reading both of your blogs! :-)

  2. These days I get a lot of pleasure from stillness. Sitting on the porch, watching the world go by - that makes me happy. Watching my children sleep does it, too.

    Heck, there are days when peeking through the oven door and watching bread rise is a big deal. :)

  3. Sunrises, sunsets, especially sunsets at the beach,early morning bird chirpings and the interactions of my grown daughters at family gatherings.
    These unfailingly bring me pleasure.
    Lu C

  4. Pleasures are bountiful . . . laughter of my kids, smell of fresh bread, clean hot water for showering, sunsets, seeing butterflies, getting into my bed at night . . . just got to keep counting our blessings

  5. So many pleasures to be found in each day! Mine include enjoying the day's first cup of coffee in a delicate teacup; relaxing in our summer backyard with Arielle, a good book, lemonade and popcorn; and Jasmine's early morning hug, when she leans into me with complete abandon. Just writing these remind me of how blessed I am...

  6. All your comments put a smile on my face! Thanks so much for sharing your pleasures with me.

  7. Pleasure .. we had over a foot of water in the basement this past week from the terrible storms. While cleaning up with my DH, we could still find things to laugh about, even though we had no power, hadn't showered or eaten.
    It really is the simple pleasures that keep you going at a time like that. :-)


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