Monday, June 7, 2010

Gratitude Journal #44

Today, I am grateful for another week of living with a furry miracle dog. Hoover had a great week last week, which is not bad for a dog who was supposed to be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge over a month ago. He jumped so all four paws left the ground, a major accomplishment given how fat he's become. I dare you to say no to a begging golden retriever when you know he's dying of cancer. It's not possible.

Given his show of friskiness, we have started wondering if he's sneaking out for implants to simulate a tumor.

He went for a walk and out for ice cream last week. This time, we went to Coldstone Creamery rather than Graeter's because George is convinced Coldstone's ice cream is creamier. I think Graeter's is better. The boys don't cream is ice cream.

Photos by George Raihala.

We're not letting Jack get a cone again for while. Savoring a cone leads to massive stickiness. You're looking at bath night.

Shark-boy, on the other hand, eats like his daddy.

So does Miracle Dog, who bolted his ice cream so fast he threw it back up...along with his dinner of Iam's. I had to clean the mess up with tiny little napkins. Ewwww.

"Who, me?"

Yes, you.

I'm also grateful for George's successful and safe completion of the Deer Creek Olympic-distance Triathlon Sunday morning. He came in second in his age group!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for reading your blog. It makes me very happy to see your happy, smiley Hoover, still very much alive and well. And my verification word today is undrool :)

  2. Ice cream is ice cream, but frozen custard is the bomb. :)

    I feel your pain regarding the ice cream cone. They look so all-American, but oy! the mess. I still use a dish myself (for the exact same reason as your son).

  3. I am grateful that we found out over the weekend that we can get Graeters ice cream here in Georgia. My local Krogers carries it. So much easier than forcing my brother to bring us some when he comes for a visit. Now just need to figure out how to hide it from the kids.

  4. I've been reading about Hoover and his demise--what do vets know anyway??? They don't know his heart nor his will... he is living large like we all should!!

    Give me bacon and cold stone any time and I think I shall have the will to live another day...


  5. I LOVE the 3rd photo of Hoover. He looks so happy and smiley! I really really wanna give him a hug and a cuddle.


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