Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things on Thursday: Index Cards

Omnipresent in my life, index cards are inexpensive, easy to stash in any drawer, and perfect for jotting down grocery lists, to do lists, or notes. Writing things down is essential for's too complicated and busy for me to keep everything in my head.

I also collect funny verification words on index cards. You know those words you have to type into blog comment pages, words like phoduc and repint and nonkines? Yeah, those words. Even nonsense words fascinate me, but I would never be able to remember the cool ones without writing them down.

Here's a shot of the inside of my bedside table, showing a stack of blank index cards and a necessary pen. Post-it tabs also come in handy for marking pages in books or magazines for future reference, too.

The next shot is the drawer under my laptop.

There are more cards in a drawer in my craft room, but I decided two pictures would be enough to make the point. And yes, it's weird but I never claimed to be normal.

So, tell me and the rest of the world how you handle lists and notes. I'm always looking for new note-making techniques to try!


  1. I, too, HAVE to write down anything I want to remember. Think it comes with age (No, Susan, you aren't there yet :>) I save scrap paper and cut into 1/4 page sheets to keep by my computer for all my things to remember.

  2. I keep several notebooks.
    They are as follows:
    1. quotes and witticisms
    2. record of my Grandson's "isms"
    3. Blog, email, addresses
    4. one for when inspiration strikes
    5. sketches and doodles
    6. phone messages and notes
    7. meetings and minutes
    8. gifts and birthdays
    and other small pads throughout the house and, of course, my purse.
    I usually have a composition notebook with me at all times.

    I never know when inspiration will strike and I hate not being able to jot down ideas and thoughts when I get them.

  3. notes, lists and there are three beautiful words. I write notes to myself and others, encouragement, reminders etc...lists: grocery, to do's for me and others ('cept I'm the one that usually does both!!)and indexes ( have indexed all of my stamps and supplies--name of set or stamp and where in the room it is located--has helped enormously in not buying doubles)for the indexes I use 8 1/2 x 11 paper printed from a Word doc; for the notes--usually cards I have created and for the lists-any piece of paper at hand, although I do have a small spiral notebook in my purse for the things I think of when I am away from the house.
    I love that sense of accomplishment when I can actually cross something off!!!
    patti moffett

  4. I have a small notebook in my purse, a larger notebook for transferring my sticky notes and sticky note pads everywhere! Oh, I have books just for quotes and "mom-isms". I can't survive without lists!

  5. I also use index cards for notes, and they are scattered here and there around my house. Am sad to admit that mine aren't in neat little piles like yours *sigh*

  6. As a scientist, I am used to recording everything so this comes naturally to me. I carry a little blank book in my bag to jot things down. No order to it at all but unbelievably I manage to know exactly what is in it and what page it is on..

    Lately i have also found myself recording things in the calender/note section on my cell phone - and have even been known to set myself a reminder to remind me about it.. sad, but true!

    One of the main things that I enjoy recording is for the kids - I have a book for each child, in which I record snippets of everyday life, things they say and things I want them to know when they are older.. a kind of journal I guess.

    Love the bit about recording the word verification characters!


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