Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekly Giggle #14, Part 2

Okay, Dooce is funny, but so is my son. The following sentence was uttered with complete sincerity by Nick, my 10-year-old, at the dinner table:

"I want a work-free job."

George nearly spewed beer on me.


  1. Me too! Tell Nick I think he's got something there. A place where you can go and hang out, and drink free coffee, get paid and benefits, and then when you get tired of all the non-work, go on a paid vacation.

  2. What a way for Nick to scare his parents! :-)

    I tried to put this on your autism Blog but couldn't post there for some reason, but wanted to be sure you know the March 8th Time magazine has an autism article about Jenny McCarthy. The author has a 42 year old autistic brother, but that doesn't give him an excuse for the sneer in his writing voice. Rather, I would have thought he would be celebrating Jenny for her efforts.


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