Friday, March 12, 2010

The First Lesson of Parenting

We have such scintillating and instructive dinner conversations in our house.

George: Nick, use your fork to eat your pastrami.

Me: Were you born in a barn? Do you want some hay?

Nick: [silly button pushed, grabs fork in fist and shovels food in his mouth, leaving a long piece of pastrami hanging unattractively from his mouth]

George: DUDE! You know better than that! And hold your fork right. You look like Ug the Caveman.

Nick: [gets even sillier]

George: No girl will ever go out on a second date with you if you eat like that.

Me: Yeah, and one day you will care about what girls think. I guarantee no girl will ever kiss you if you have such bad table manners.

Nick: [more silliness]

George: Seriously, dude, good manners are really important.

Me: BURRRRRRP! [It just snuck out, I swear!]

Nick: [hysterical, table-slapping laughter]

George: [to me] Thanks. You just undid years of good parenting.

Me: Do as I say, not as I do.

George: Yeah.

And for your listening enjoyment, The Mom Song.


  1. In the "dog whisper" world you broke the train of thought or direction so it was a good thing you did at the table at least in the dog world.
    At my family table everyone but me could make body noises on command. When I would tell them to stop they would say I was jealous because I didn't have the gift. :)

  2. Such a great story!!! Thanks for sharing {BURRRRPPP.....;)}


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