Monday, March 22, 2010

Gratitude Journal #37

Today, I am grateful for this owl who got to fly free once again.

For this man who loves our children, takes amazing pictures, cooks amazing meals, and made it possible for the owl to fly free once again.

For this old dog who still retrieves sticks at the park.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Love the Owl story and outcome!
    I am thankful that our daughter, son-in-law and grandson live next door to us, and we have been able to enjoy their close presence in our lives for the last 17 years. We never expected they would stay so close for so long....but have truly enjoyed getting to participate in our grandson's growing up years. We have been deeply blessed.
    Lu C

  2. Susan-
    I read your posts as you publish them and travel through the spectrum of joy and sadness... Sweet Hoover, Grady, and Shakespear.... what lessons of life.

    I remember Grady's birth and the hold-your-breath Hope we all held out for him... with a name like Grady (one of my personal faves along with Quentin) he has LOTS of amazing work to do in this lifetime! What a CUTIE!!!

    The owl was when I first met you--and I am overjoyed that he has been released back into the wild. What stories he'll be telling his friends about why he's been gone! And you where there to watch him go back home... and the kids... it just doesn't get any better. Now THEY have stories for their friends!!

    And Hoover... he has the best family ever. That's why he chose you. I could say lots of things about this, but you know already. He's in my thoughts daily, as are you.

    Thank you for sharing your stories and parts of your life. Sometimes I feel like I'm sitting at the table when those hilarious conversations are going on....

  3. Ah, what am I grateful for? You of course, because you share your life, your talents, your joys. And the way you treat the sorrows and challenges teaches me new perspectives.

    This is a new experience, this "virtual community", for all of us, and you are the brave one because you Give EVERY day without having a whole lot of clues as to what you're likely to get back.

    I see this experience as a sneak-peek into the future and how changed the world will be by the uniqueness of virtual communities. And I feel sooooo lucky that the "Blessings of the Lord" chased me down and overtook me right here instead of in one of the other thousands of Blogs I've heard are always out there.

    This is SUCH a happy place, thanks to you.

  4. Great pictures! What a beautiful day.


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