Saturday, March 20, 2010

Owl Be Seeing You....

Please go back in time with me and read THIS ESSAY and then THIS ONE. An update on Shakespeare the Barred Owl (that's my name for him anyway because barred sounds just like Bard) will be posted here soon. With pictures and everything. It's a good day to be an owl!


  1. oh my!
    was just thinking about him the other day when someone was talkin about helping a hawk that had flown into the big window at their house. hawk was ok. hope owl is, too.
    marty ferraro

  2. Fascinating! I thought I had read everything on your Blogs, but this one is new to me. LOVE the photos, and my yes you are both so brave. We would have left the bundle of feathers on the ground for fear he was rabid.

    There's a local deer that wants to nuzzle my husband when he's clearing brush. That's such odd behavior for a wild animal, we're afraid he might be rabid too.

    Shakespeare looks very comfy in the corner of the box, as if he's just taking a nap.

    I'm positive Betty Ross was thrilled to meet you........, as was Shakespeare.


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