Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weekly Giggle #9

My favorite list of New Year's Resolutions comes from Trixie the Golden Retriever, author of the wonderful book Life Is Good. Trixie was owned by writer Dean Koontz, who continues to channel Trixie's wisdom in Bliss to You, a book Trixie dictated from the afterlife to share her insights and raise money for Canine Companions for Independence.

Here are Trixie's resolutions:

1. Be furrier.

2. Wag tail more.

3. Recommend all Dad's books at next Mensa meeting.

4. Say nice things about cats even if every time say nice things will vomit.

5. Avoid say nice things about cats immediately after eat frankfurters.

6. Get own newspaper subscription so don't have to read Dad's and get drool on food pages before he reads 'em.

7. Find out if other book writers besides Dad live in neighborhood, then pee on their lawns.

8. Register and vote like good citizen.

9. Pick up after myself with blue bags.

10. Put blue bags in garbage instead of in Dad's shoes, no matter how funny would be in shoes.


How can you be furrier and wag your tail more in the new year? What are your resolutions? Please share!

And have a happy, safe, laughter-filled New Year!

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