Monday, December 21, 2009

Gratitude Journal #25

Today, I am grateful for so many things:

*Professor Lee Patterson, who kindly commented on my essay "What Should I Read" (It was very childish of me to squeal when I saw his comment, wasn't it?)

*Christmas break and happy children

*Christmas cards and letters from friends and family, and emails from readers I've never met

*All the gorgeous cards being posted at SplitcoastStampers

*Christmas lights and candles, and the amazing glow created when I take off my glasses...being nearsighted has advantages!

*Cookies and Susan Food (A.K.A. chex party mix) from my MIL

*Talking with neighbors and making plans to welcome new ones to the neighborhood

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful for being with my family for Christmas; good food; warm home; good health; a forgiving Savior.

  2. I am grateful that my mother pulled through the worst year healthwise in her 83 years. She lost some ground in her independence, but "What we see depends mainly on what we look for" defines her attitude. Thanks be to God!

  3. Today I am grateful for time with my family. I work for my local school district and today is the first day of our winter break. It is raining here and my husband stayed home (he works outside). Daycare is closed today also, as it is my daycare provider's daughter's birthday. All of these elements combined for some good quality family time! Of course, I'm reading blogs now as it is nap time!

  4. I am grateful for many things, but I want you to know that I am ever so grateful for your blogs. I check "Simplicity" each day after I check my daughter's blog. (She is amazing, but she does not share my passion for making cards!) Your cards are the best of the blogs, and your sense of humor is fabulous! I also adore
    "Questioning My Intelligence"; your wisdom gives me much to ponder and admire. I very rarely leave a comment, but I am a faithful fan! (Another Ann)

  5. I too am grateful for online friends that I've not met in real life (but this is real life, isn't it?) that leave comments of hope and love on my blog...

    I find that I am slipping more and more into the holiday spirit--not the maniacal shopping buying purchasing spirit, but the seeing the people around me that are positive and supportive spirit.

    Love your words, stories, and observations!!

  6. I've been thinking about this for several days after seeing your post and finally came to the conclusion that I am truly grateful for my true-blue girlfriends...yes, I have a loving husband and a great sister but, girlfriends help you around the bumps in the road of life. They support you when you need it; show you a different perspective when you are questioning; help us laugh and keep our sense of humor; and, they accept us with all our quirks. How lucky we are to women in our lives. I love this quote, "A friend is God's way of showing us we don't have to walk alone." Be it one or many, true-blue girlfriends are God's angels... God Bless Them, Every One!


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