Monday, December 14, 2009

Gratitude Journal #25

Today, I am grateful for

--a husband who turns into a chef every weekend

--my friend Karen for leading such an inspiring Advent study


--old dogs

--the US postal service

What are you grateful for today?


  1. For the month of November, a friend challenged me to start each day with, "Today, I am grateful for..." I thought it would be hard by mid-month, but I found I was disappointed when the month ended, and I wasn't finished with my list. What an eye-opener! Instead of focusing on the little things that go wrong or are frustrating each day, I was focusing on what's more important, the blessings. A rainbow, the laughter of a little child, my mother's recovery from months in hospital and rehab, a warm note from a friend, etc. So, today, I am grateful for friends who challenge me to be more grateful.

  2. I'm grateful for recovering from a 4-week bout of Bronchitis! Also grateful for my internet friends, some of whom I've never even met personally; 4 wonderful grandchildren; a beautiful place to live; Christian friends to encourage me; numerous ways to serve the Lord; and more than I can list here! Have a wonder-filled Christmas!

  3. we had a community christmas music service last night with our mormon neighbors. there were probably 80 choir members(our church and our the stake choir combined) plus 300 people in the congregation. we lit candles while we sang silent night. as a choir member, i had the best view possible watching the faces of all the people in the congregation lit up as the candle light spread. and what a glorious sound with everybody singing!!
    so, the fact that i am still stitching on my christmas presents, and still sending cards, and working on christmas eve are ok. last night was the reminder of what is really our focus for this holiday/holy day season. i am grateful for music.
    marty ferraro


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