Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Haiku

Christmas Eve

Candlelight service
sermon on things going wrong;
pastor is prophet.

The Wii does not work,
scene rated R for language
late night Christmas Eve.

Daddy is a grump;
mommy needs a vicodin.
Ho ho ho. Bite me.

of disappointment and loud
winds make sleep a dream.

Christmas Morning

Asleep (finally),
then Jack’s face inches from mine
“Mom, it’s Christmas Eve!”

“No, hon, it’s Christmas
morning and time to open
your gifts, minus Wii.”

The jolly elf leaves
laser tag and spark scooter.
Santa saves the day.

Snowfall of tissue
and wrapping paper litters
the floor—White Christmas.

Children bicker, play,
Bicker, laugh, bicker, bicker,
Play, bicker, “I’m bored.”

Self-discipline goes
Up the chimney as roast beef
Goes straight to my hips.

Doesn't matter now.
Soft glow of the Christ candle
brings peace, joy, and love.

Angels say fear not,
Good tidings, great joy, a sign.
Hark, herald angels.

Note: I'm not a poet, but I can count syllables. Haiku is highly formal with lots of rules I chose, respectfully, to ignore. I hope I don't offend any haiku purists with my silliness.


  1. What a wonderful engaging holiday haiku!! You, my friend, are the Queen now and have much to live up to now!
    Thank you for sharing--I was right there with you with the bickering, playing, I'm bored, bickering, playing stuff. Here too.
    Sigh. Being a parent is so multi-faceted!
    Hugs to all!


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