Monday, December 28, 2009

Gratitude Journal #26

Today is the last gratitude journal entry for 2009, so my gratitude reflects back over the whole year.

Mostly, I am grateful for love. It takes infinite forms, and it inspires everything from small, simple acts of kindness to great sacrifices. Thinking of love makes me grateful for so much:

*The online community at Splitcoast for being awesome and supportive and wonderful.

*My friends and neighbors close to home who have done so much, and for my friend who moved away this year but is still close in my heart.

*Friends far away whom I haven't seen in years but who still show love to me and receive love from me in ways that really matter.

*My extended family, which has been through a lot this year, including grief, struggles with substance abuse and depression, premature birth, retirement, moves, houses that aren't selling, job changes and job stress, and a heart attack.

*Everyone who reads my blogs: family, friends, and strangers, and especially those who comment or send me emails. You have no idea how wonderful it is to put words out here on three blogs and realize someone is reading and enjoying and being inspired by them.

*Visits from family and visits to family.

*My children who amaze me daily with the miracle of life.

*My husband who feeds me, loves me, and puts up with me.

*My church and the people in it.

*My God, and His willingness to dwell in the hearts of ordinary people with a love that passes all understanding.

Welcome, new year! You are now perfect, full of potential, and a wonderful expectation. May we be able to see your beauty and the good you bring, and may we have the strength and courage to face whatever challenges you place in our path.

A request to those who pray: My uncle Herb had a heart attack yesterday. He's in the hospital, but according to the cardiologist, it was a very close call. Please offer up prayers for him and my aunt Sylvia as they deal with this terrible thing.


  1. I am grateful for your insightful, wise and funny thoughts in this blog. Thank you for taking time from your busy life to brighten the days of strangers!

  2. oh Susan-I am sorry to hear about your uncle! I will keep him in my thoughts for a full recovery.

    I love your blog and thoughts--I don't always comment but you're on my daily rounds. I feel like you're a neighbor and I'm able to check in and make sure all is ok--or at least some degree of normal!

    Much love!!!

  3. Oh Susan-
    I am sorry! I was signed in to another account--but the words came from me!!!
    (The WRR account is me... in my other life!)


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