Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things on Thursday: Stress Reduction

Years ago, I owned a sound machine that played rainforest, ocean, thunderstorm, and other nature sounds. It was wonderful, and then it broke. So sad. It had been rather expensive, so I didn't replace it.

Monday, my children were driving me crazy. The bickering! The whining! It. Would. Not. Stop.

At Target, when the whining and begging reached a fevered pitch, I pushed the cart past the shelves loaded with foot massage and spa machines and saw this little beauty. Prices have plummeted on these since I bought my first one, and I grabbed the box like my life depended on it.

This machine is WAY cheaper than babysitters or therapy or a straight jacket. Just a few minutes listening to it while sitting in a room behind a closed door gave me the strength to face the bickering and deal with it like a grow-up instead of like a snarling rabid dog. Isn't it amazing what pleasant sounds can do to our brains?

What are your favorite, most effective stress relievers?


  1. OMG I'm pretty sure this is exactly what I need also.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Stress relief = stamping, not much more to add really.

  3. My stress relievers include thumping the heck out of a lump of dough - the more thumping the lighter the bread :) Chopping wood.

  4. Early morning when everyone is still sleeping and the birds are singing right outside my window...when I feel overwhelmed or stressed...I play their happy song in my head and remember Matthew 6:25-34 HE TAKES CAR OF US ALL AND IT ALL
    patti moffett

  5. Fab ideas here! Thanks, ladies!

  6. This may sound really sappy but when I am very stressed about my kids' lives I finally have to sit or lie down and close my eyes and picture Jesus and me handing all of my worries over to him. I also use stamping and, unfortunately, food to relieve stress. If I'm someplace where I can go for an extended walk - that helps, too.


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