Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things on Thursday: A Black Daisy

Daisy is now home from her surgery, with a quarter of her fur shaved (was that necessary?) and looking both pathetic and in pain, despite painkillers and a sedative.

Daisy on Drugs

"Why can't I scratch my head?!?!"

Oh how sad! The patch on her side delivers a painkiller, and the sutures are inside the wound. She has surgical glue on the wound, and she had two K laser treatments to reduce post-op pain. I feel we've done everything possible to comfort her, but it still just tears at my heart.

The vet couldn't believe how wiggly and squealy she was when he brought her into the room with me and the boys. We both made soothing, calming sounds, and laid hands on her to settle her, but it was a good five minutes before she calmed down. He looked at me and said, in a somewhat awed voice, "And this is with sedation!" His wife bred Daisy, but apparently, the level of love bursting from our furry golden sunshine isn't exactly typical for the line.

The black cone of shame arrived, conveniently enough, in the mail today. It's much softer than the old, rigid plastic cone, which saves our shins from bruising. It is not, however, any less humiliating.


  1. Poor thing...I can only imagine how hard it is for you, too. And I agree...I think they got a little razor happy! Geesh! Give her a hug for me.

  2. Gosh, my eyes are tearing up. . . poor poor Daisy. I feel so bad for her. Hugs Daisy.

  3. Poor baby! I hate those old hard cones...scared our poor girl to death when she had to wear one! Hope Daisy girl heals quickly, and is soon scratching her head again! Hugs!!!

  4. Hope Daisy's recovery is speedy and fixes the problem. Poor love, it hurts to see animals like this.

  5. Poor least the cone keeps her from seeing her new haircut. Now THAT'S humiliating. What were they thinking? She's going to need sunscreen!

  6. Poor Daisy! That cone looks so much more comfortable than the hard plastic ones. She does look a bit sad. I hope Daisy's leg mends quickly (and that her fur grows back just as fast). :-)

  7. Oh, poor baby! Did they *really* have to shave that much fur?
    Poor, poor Daisy! I hope (in the end) that all the pain (and humiliation!) is worth it! ((hugs))

  8. Poor Miss Daisy - Good thing she has a family that loves her so very much!!

  9. Oh, poor Daisy! Poor sweetheart! I hope she heals up quickly and is not in pain.


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