Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things on Thursday: The Gentle Leader

A while back, a kind reader recommended the Gentle Leader as a means of dealing with Daisy's pulling on leash. The pinch collar had worked beautifully with Hoover, but Daisy wasn't responding to it at all. Finally, I took my kind reader's advice, and what smashingly good advice it was! The Gentle Leader works beautifully! Daisy doesn't pull at all, and walks are so much more pleasant. At least for me.

Daisy, on the other hand, has a different opinion of the Gentle Leader.

Why Are You Doing This to Me?

I cannot tell if she is merely sad or both sad and furious about the strap over her nose. I think I see daggers shooting from her eyes, but she's such a sweet pup that daggers seem impossible for her. She keeps trying to rub the strap off by running the side of her muzzle through the grass. Obviously, this only serves to keep the strap in place.

She's not sensible, but she's my dog. And she will get used to the Gentle Leader. Eventually.

I had planned on having Daisy be the guest blogger this week, but George pointed out that Hoover's guest spot occurred just weeks before his diagnosis with cancer. This coincidence has both of us a bit spooked about giving Daisy a voice on the blog, especially since her ACL/luxating patella surgery is on June 21. That's just the right leg. The left can't be done for three months after that. 

In the meantime, please enjoy these two pictures taken by George recently. My picture above is a more accurate representation of her true color, but you seriously can't beat natural evening sunlight for photographing golden retrievers. She really is furry golden sunshine!

Don't Hate Me because I'm Beautiful

Should I Be Worried?


  1. She is so beautiful! I just want to reach out and love on her!!! Gosh, Susan, how can you ever tell her no? lol.... BTW, I have a grand-doggie photo up on my blog - if you get a chance, check her out - she's all of 11 lbs. of ENERGY!!! Hugs...

  2. Oh Daisy is so gorgeous and she will become used to the Gentle Leader. Many dogs do the rubbing along the ground to try and remove that strap but it is marvellous for us humans when walks become enjoyable instead of a battle as we struggle to keep our arm sockets intact :)

  3. I tried the gentle leader too. Unfortunately, Lila is a sniffer. Everywhere we go - she's constantly with her nose on the ground. It was actually more difficult with the GL on (she would actually walk/trip on the part that hung below her muzzle) and we finally gave up.
    Actually, we gave it up when the owner of a posh pet store near here had me try something called the Sporn harness for a quick spin around the block. Wow. What a difference. I came back to the store and told hubby that I didn't care how much it cost, I WOULD BUY IT.
    No more battle trying to get the GL on (or keep it on). No more tripping. In fact, if there is any problem at all, it's that she's so eager to get in the harness that she turns into a dancing pain in the ass. (she's desperately trying to get her legs in the halter - yes, *desperately*) Which, given how much she HATED the gentle leader, is not really a problem at all - is it?
    So, if Daisy doesn't get used to it... don't worry, there are still some great options!

  4. We use the Gentle Leader on our dog too. She hates it but it has saved me a world of pain. I have mild scoliosis and her pulling on the leash was causing me to not want to walk her and that's not good for either of us. I may try the Sporn Harness though. Daisy IS furry golden sunshine!!

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  6. Such lovely photos of Daisy!
    She is a beauty!
    I think I spot a few daggers in the first photo too...:)

  7. Have you ever seen Leslie's Golden? I think Daisy and Wally would have tons of fun together. If you want to see lots of photos of Wally today, here's a link:


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