Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Little Vacation

Questioning my Intelligence will be back with new content next week (Wednesday).

Until then, here's an encore of one of my favorite essays I've posted here. I recently had a conversation with a mommy whose new baby #2 is challenging all her preconceptions about parenting, and she's experiencing the same baffled, "what-the-heck-is-happening-to-me?" feelings I had after Jack was born. Pride goeth before the fall. I've got none left, and I imagine her baby #2 will suck her down into the trenches with the rest of us muddling-through, prideless mothers. Welcome to the club, my friend. Welcome to the club.


  1. Oh what a priceless essay and one all mothers should read. DH and I were very lucky; #1 daughter was easy peasy but I had three step children to contend with at the same time and didn't realise how easy she was until I reflected back on that time. #2 & #3 twin daughters arrived 12 years later were also easy but exhausting especially if they got out of sync during night feeding - one would wake up for the dreaded 2 am feed, suck lustily, have the nappy (diaper) changed and be back sleeping an hour or so later and then the other one would wake! Night feeding seemed to go on all night long. Luckily #1 daughter and DH were excellent at taking over those night feeds frequently.
    Now grandchildren are here and the diference is amazing - they seem so much more forward in so many ways but oh the temper tantrums, the pickiness with food, etc, etc! Or is it me being so much older? Don't know but wouldn't miss it for the world:)

  2. :-) I enjoyed your essay on motherhood! My #1 was the challenging one. My #2 is much easier going. I've learned that all children enter this world with their own personalities and their own style. Our parenting can be the same and the outcomes different for each child. I, too, have learned to not judge others, especially when I haven't yet walked in their shoes.


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