Friday, July 1, 2011

Words, Words, Words about Nature

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." --Aristotle

Today, we're out to find something marvelous in nature. What of nature's marvels have you enjoyed lately?


  1. This morning I saw a blue bird at my bird feeder. I think it was an indigo bunting. It was beautiful and gone in a flash! Enjoy your outing.

  2. I planted some lilies! I waited until it got hot as you-know-what to do it, unfortunately, but it will be worth it (well, next year it will be). Daylilies and Asiatic lilies - they are too gorgeous for words.

  3. Here in the UK and especialy in our corner of the UK we have had some marvellous sunsets. Pinks, oranges and the most startling flaming reds with purple and black streaked in between and a huge old oak tree silhouetted against all those beautiful colours.

  4. The birds that live here and their wonderful songs; the few flowers I have in my garden; watching the corn and soy bean fields grow; going to the Farmer's Market and loving all of the fruits and vegies.


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