Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things on Thursday: A Spring Daisy

It has been a while since I posted Daisy pictures. So here you go...feel free to wallow in the furry golden cuteness.

Daisy on the Hooverman. That's what we dubbed the ottoman when Hoover staked his claim on it as soon as we brought it into the house. Daisy has claimed it as well, but we'll call this the Hooverman in our boy's memory. Daisy will have to pick another piece of furniture for her namesake.

That blue cylinder has lasted eight months and is still entirely intact, though the tennis ball that came with it is long gone. Whatever that blue material is, it's nigh indestructible.  

Occasionally, toys are annoying, as when this Frisbee got stuck on her head. It's impossible to get a good shot when the dog is frantic. Someone really needed to man up and rescue the dog, but everyone was laughing at her so I had to stop shooting and take the dang thing off her head. (BTW, the copyright on that photo should say Susan, but I'm too lazy to go in and change it now.)

Finally, Nick took this picture. Awwwwww.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for the Daisy eye candy this morning. I'm dogsitting a friend's miniature dachshund this week. I love that little dog and I may not give him back on Monday.

  2. What fun photos! She's a real beauty, my friend! Off to the vet I go with our cutie patootie! Thanks for sharing...


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