Monday, March 21, 2011

Gratitude Journal #82

Today, I am grateful for my friend Karen D, who was also my instructor for Stephen Ministry. Karen makes teaching look effortless (I know it is not) and inspired me, taught me, encouraged me, and handed me tissues through 50 hours of training. I'm just so grateful to be blessed with her friendship!

Karen blessing me.
Today, I am grateful for my partner in learning and new friend, Barbara G, a woman of deep faith, great humor, and ready smile. God knew what He was doing when he threw us together into Karen's class.

Barabara and I

Today, I am grateful for the end of the beginning of Stephen Ministry training. From here on out, it's on-the-job training!

Today, I am grateful for my husband. For so many reasons, he's spectacular.

Today, I am grateful for a taste of spring. Mother Nature, no doubt, still has winter weather to throw at us, but that's okay. I've tasted spring, and it is good.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Today I am grateful for sunshine which makes people smile more; the scent of narcissi; the fun of our grandchildren; the love of my husband; bird song and the beautiful red sunset that glowed on the clouds.

  2. I am grateful for a very patient husband, while I try and learn the intricacies of living with dogs - yes we finally have one, a rescued goldie- collie cross called Billie. And to you for putting me onto Pioneer Woman. I love her blog and the delight in the simple things that can go unnoticed at times.

  3. Congratulations, Susan! You're beautiful, and it is so good of you to embark on this ministry of helping others. I'm grateful we quickly found a good church to join out here in our new home just north of Seattle.

  4. i remember, susan, when you were struggling with your decision about if you should, and how you could do the stephen ministry. congrats on your successful training. i know you have so much to offer, and you will in return, receive so much with this work.
    i am thankful that i found you, on your splitcoast gallery with a simple and exquisite card set you made for your mom. your cards have inspired me. your wisdom has given me much food for thought. your humor has brightened many days. thank you for sharing.
    marty ferraro


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