Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Week's Essay

...has been overtaken by the following events:

1) Tuesday evening, Jack stepped on a heavy-guage wire that went all the way through his sandal and a little way into his foot. This required spending many hours yesterday at the base hospital with Doogie Houser, Resident MD. It also required my being one of four adults required to hold Jack down so he could get a tetanus shot. He wasn't the only one who cried.

2) Daisy ate a dish cloth. This required taking her to the vet so she could spend the whole day throwing up shredded pieces of cotton while Jack was getting x-rays and having to ride in a wheelchair and screaming "NO, NO, NO!!!" while receiving a shot. I'm just grateful I was with Jack and not Daisy as no bodily fluids were involved with Jack.

3) Post-traumatic stress. 

As soon as I have recovered, I'll finish up my delightful little essay on how to organize a schedule in the face of perimenopause and mid-life mental breakdown. In the meantime, please enjoy the following photo of a dog who is dumber than the rocks she eats.


  1. Oh Susan what a traumatic time you and your family have suffered. Hope a coffee/stiff drink came to the rescue afterwards and that both Jack and Daisy have forgiven everyone and are not worse for their sufferings!

    I would have shed tears too in that situation :)
    Looking forward to your essay although I am now menopausal and very happy about it all :) I think it is a great place to be but then I did not have a bad time of it all and my menopause started when I was 30 just before I became pregnant with twins! The whole process was over and done with before my 30s were. I didn't have any drugs as our family doctor told me I was far too young to be going through the menopause - as if I didn't know what was happening! Then a few years down the line he panicked and called for all sorts of tests to be done and wanted me to go on a course of HRT (Hormone Replacement Treament) - er no thanks!

  2. Sounds like a thoroughly not-so-great day. You know, when my older daughter was younger, we used to need multiple people to hold her down for anything involving needles (imagine five adults including three men holding down a four year old for a blood draw). In frustration, I jokingly asked the doctor about some valium. The sweet man actually prescribed it (for my daughter, not for me). I got a bottle with four tiny dosage pills, one for each quarterly doctor visit for a year. It helped immensely. After using it as a crutch to conquer the needle fear, she doesn't need it at all any more.

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rotten day; hope you are all feeling better now. Daisy is beautiful even if she is a bit dippy. On another subject; thanks for replying to my email. I liked the theory about the wolf in the forest; there could be a grain of truth in there somewhere. Congrats on the ‘end of the beginning’ of Stephen Ministry training, hope you enjoy the on-the-job training. Had any luck finding a bling leash for the new spectacles yet? We’ll expect a photo soon. I’m supposed to wear my glasses all the time, I have bi-focals but still prefer to take off the glasses when I’m doing close craft work, it has just cost me £130 to replace one lense as I caught it with a craft knife, I’ll be more careful where I put them when I take them off in future; lesson learned.

  4. I feel for you Susan! That was definitely one of those "someday I'll look back on this and laugh" kind of weeks!! Thank God for humour! =)

  5. Ouch, ouch, ouch for all three of you. I remember holding onto my daughter while she had a shot and yes we both cried.

  6. hope Jack recovers quickly. as one who is older than you, let's just say -- surrender now!

  7. As a fellow puppy owner, I feel your pain. We have a 10 month old Beligan Malinois who is smarter than we can handle. She so inquisitive and persistent. Well, we have a few strands of rug missing in the bedroom now. Not sure how she pulled up just a strand, but she did. I told my husband it is all part of the master plot - I wanted a new rug anyway! Now onto the kitchen countertops and cabinets :-).

    Wishing you peace during these trying times. Thank for you sharing (both this and your card blog) and for making me smile!

  8. I hope both Jack and Daisy are doing better. Hugs.


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