Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things on Thursday: Tennis Ball

As I sit at my computer this morning, my firstborn lies sick on the sofa, and my fur baby is growling. Her growls, which surely she thinks are vicious and threatening, sound positively, adorably cute and cuddly, and make you want to annoy her so she keeps growling. Right now, however, she's growling at the tennis ball she's attempting to kill. This tennis ball:

Isn't that the saddest tennis ball you've ever seen? When Hoover played with a tennis ball, he did just as you might expect a retriever to do: he slobbered it up, brought it to a human throwing machine, and then retrieved it. He had the same tennis balls for thirteen years. We bought one canister, and he was good for life.

He never denuded a tennis ball.

Daisy does things differently.

I foresee many canisters of tennis balls in our future.

Two days ago, she disemboweled her favorite raccoon toy.

Note to self: do not leave stuffies in the crate with Daisy. Very expensive vet visit for bowel obstruction might result.

The tennis ball fuzz passes right through. Ask me how I know.

I dare you.


  1. My friend's miniature dachshund "kills" any stuffed toy he is given, so he no longer gets them. It's funny to watch him tear a toy apart, but like you said, it's not worth a vet visit afterward. He also likes to kill empty pop bottles. He clearly is not "sensible," but boy, he is cute!

  2. My black lab, Sally does this to EVERY tennis ball given to her. She kills each and every ball, within minutes.She has been known to throw half a ball at our feet to be thrown.She doesn;t care, just throw it...I buy tennis balls by the bagful.

  3. We have thankfully grown out of that stage, I think 6 months ago when she turned 9yrs old...okay maybe it was longer ago than that, but it wasn't that long ago.

  4. How could something so angelic-looking be so cruel to a poor tennis ball?

    Oy, her head looks so soft - I just want to reach through the monitor and rub her ears.

  5. Our goof ball pooch, Rusty, who is now 2, eats EVERY cover off his soccer balls. Which makes them very prone to puncture.
    And I know exactly how you know tennis ball fur comes out easily (see above about eating soccer balls! hehe)

  6. Too funny! Isn't it great that there are so many personalities in our pets? I think it's their way of making sure they are never replaced. You definitely have your hands full with this adorable fur baby! Hope your boy feels better soon.

  7. Ewwww is right... fuzzy chartreuse dog poo.

    My sweet little Toby would never do anything like that. Yeah, right.

  8. Our black lab Sadie aka DD aka dumb dog is also a tennis ball fanatic. They are her "babies". She will round all of them up beside and if one is "missing", she paces till she finds it and we (her servants) can retrieve it from the under the couch , etc... However, we can only give her "real" tennis balls. We learned the hard way that "fake" tennis balls have a very dire fate. I had found a "bargain" on 24 balls covered with the Wal-mart smiley face for only 4.99! Great - I thought Sadie would be stocked up for a long time. But "DD" had issues with the balls. She DID NOT like those sweet little smiley faces looking at her! She ate the face off every one of them. (Of course, we adults didn't make the connection at first - we just thought it was cheap felt-fuzz covering and kept giving her new ones. DUH!) The fakes were not "allowed" to be with her real babies - they were ostracized. How dare we try to con her with such cheap imitations. So again - she wins - no more bargains for us - only the best Wilson tennis balls money can buy!

  9. Our fur babies are so much fun, but Christine, yours is extra special! OMG, eating the smiley faces off the balls! That reminds me of the time Hoover declared war on the little, plastic, green army soldiers. He never ate any other toys (at least that I can recall), but he would go to heroic lengths to search and destroy those!


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