Friday, February 5, 2010

Words, Words, Words: A Random Collection

*Jack is going through a Harry Potter phase, and he's at this moment pointing his tinker-toy wand and yelling, "Eat snugs, Malfoy!" (For the three people out there who never read or saw Chamber of Secrets, the correct line is "Eat slugs, Malfoy!")

*"One kind word can warm three winter months." Japanese proverb

*"Basically a dog person. I certainly, though, wouldn't want to offend my constituents who are cat people, and I should say that being, I hope, a sensitive person, that I have nothing against cats, and had cats when I was a boy, and if we didn't have the two dogs might very well be interested in having a cat now." Incoming Missouri Congressman James Talent, responding to the question "Are you a dog or a cat person?"

*"O Winter! ruler of the inverted year, . . . I crown thee king of intimate delights, Fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness, And all the comforts that the lowly roof Of undisturb'd Retirement, and the hours Of long uninterrupted evening, know." William Cowper


  1. oh, i especially love the japanese proverb! how good of you to remind us again of the importance of being kind and considerate. it does make a difference.
    have a good day, susan.
    hugs, marty ferraro

  2. The cat/dog person question is complex. Really.

    Hanging onto the Cowper quote as we face Snowpacalypse.


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