Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekly Giggle #12: Two Giggles in One

I am from The South. For those of you who live in, say, Australia or Brazil or South Africa, you're really south. But in the United States, when you're from The South, that means you're from the southern states that caused a little ruckus we Americans call the Civil War. Southerners sometimes refer to it as the War of Northern Aggression.

Losers have to sop their egos somehow, I suppose. I personally deal with the associative guilt of being a Southerner by fervently believing that, in a former life, I was a Yankee Quaker helping with the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman and I were best buds.

Kevin Underhill's blog Lowering the Bar reports legal stupidity from all over the world, and his most recent post is about South Carolina, the state that started the War of Northern Aggression (work that one out for yourself). It's also the state that gave us Governor Mark Sanford, who let his little head drag his whole body to Argentina on important "business."

I'm sorry. Was that vulgar? We southern belles don't mean to be vulgar. Besides, I'm from North Carolina, which is in the south (I know, I know...South Dakota is in the north, and I've lived there, too). North Carolina gave us former Senator John Edwards, who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife. Power doesn't just corrupt; it goes straight to a man's head.

Back to South Carolina. The state legislature now requires anyone engaged in subversive activities, or anyone who is a member of a group which includes a person who is contemplating subversive activities, to register with the Secretary of State by filling out a form and paying a $5 fee.

I hope you're appreciating the historic irony of this situation. I sure do. It's a good thing I don't live in South Carolina because this law is giving me all sorts of subversively funny thoughts relating, oddly enough, to the French Revolution and Madame Guillotine. But I'll keep those punny jokes to myself. This post is getting a bit heady, and my mother's going to read it.

And now for another, tangentially-related giggle completely lacking in vulgarity: Terminology.

What are you giggling about this week?


  1. You make me feel better about my Hot Peppers! My mother also reads my blog. She didn't like that one quite as much. Thanks for the giggle. BTW my grandmother was a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy and I own some confederate money. Guess that makes me as southern as it gets.

  2. Power doesn't just corrupt; it goes straight to a man's HEAD. Is that where it really goes???? (At least in the two outstanding examples you posted ;>)

  3. The puns are flying in this post, Wanda! "Head" has so many meanings.... The best question is "To which head does the power go?"

  4. It's right up there with the law that bees are not allowed to fly or be in the air space during the mandarin orange season here in CA but can fly during the almond season. Without bees there would be no almonds. All because one grower planted the wrong seedless orange trees to close to another orange tree grove. Instead of replanting, he lobbied to get a law passed. He also owns almond trees too.


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