Monday, February 8, 2010

Gratitude Journal #32

Today, I am grateful for

*snow shovels

*the HBO movie Temple Grandin

*the indoor swimming pool at the YMCA

*my warm home


What are you grateful for today?


  1. *you (forcing me out of my grump by being grateful)
    *friends and family
    *my warm home
    *my hairdresser
    *my washing machine LOL

  2. I've started my own journal Susan - I really hope the copying will be seen as a compliment rather than a cheek - let me know please.

  3. I am grateful for a husband who would not let me walk the 1/4 mile to my car at the end of the snowy driveway. For a husband who, even though it made him late for work, drove me out, and then drove me back in because I forgot the keys, and laughed about it. I am grateful for a husband who then proceded to make me stay in the truck where it was warm while he started the vehicle and scraped windshields. I told him any gift for Valentine's Day would be redundant.

  4. uncbballfan (L Edwards)Thursday, February 11, 2010

    I thought of you, Susan, as I watched "Temple Grandin". I loved it, and was so engrossed in it in fact, that I didn't notice until it was over that there were 3 firetrucks parked in the street outside my house, 4 police cars, and countless people walking up and down the street trying to straighten out the fire hose. What am I thankful for? That it wasn't MY house they were there for. (Note: I never found out why they were there, and saw no fire damage to any of the houses on my street. For that, I'm thankful too.)


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