Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Weekly Giggles

This week, I've got giggles galore!

A toadally funny picture from the Engrish blog:


Oh. My. Gosh. When did this happen?!?!

1950, actually. Poor David got unsexed when he was included in The Book of Knowledge, an encyclopedia for children that is just loaded with giggles, although I'm finding this particular image more disturbing each time I look at it. A fig leaf would have been better, don't you think?


I avoided any heady jokes about the previous photo out of respect for the great master Michelangelo, but I have no such respect for Mother Nature, who provides us with plenty to laugh at, including red peter peppers, an amazing vegetable brought to my attention by the fabulous Singing Farm Wife. A word of caution...if you are easily offended by garden-variety peter humor, do not click on this link, where you will find an educational article written by the grandmotherly Alice B, Yeager. My favorite line from Alice's article is "Peter peppers are not hard to grow." Too true, Alice. Too true.

(I bet everyone clicks on the link. How could you not!)


  1. Of course I clicked on the link - why else would you have put it there? I've been known to watch episodes of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe - one episode was about Geoducks - now those are some interesting clams!
    I even saw them being cooked once years ago on PBS -

  2. Thanks to the reference to my blog. The link was also great. I hope you don't mind, in my next blog, I will probably post it. I love the Toad sign. Will show it to my students if we ever get back to school.

  3. Those peppers don't look like any I've seen in the flesh. Now geoduck clams are a whole different story. :)

  4. So, was the photo of David in an entry on Circumcisions Gone Wrong or one on Hermaphrodites? : P

  5. Sadly, V, the altered David was in a section on Renaissance art. The Book of Knowledge is eclectic in organization, so it's hard to find stuff, but I'm pretty sure they don't have sections on hermaphrodites or circumcision at all. It's really quite unfortunate to leave such a gap in children's education. *wink*


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