Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekly Giggle #13

George and I recently saw a commercial for Old Spice that made me want to go straight to the store to buy Old Spice. Not for George to wear, mind you, because my grandfather used Old Spice, and that would be, well, ewwwww. No, I wanted to buy Old Spice simply because the commercial was so very, very funny, and I believe marketing like this should be rewarded. Here you go:

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

You're welcome.


  1. I do owe you thanks for the first big laugh of the day - Did you watch all the Old Spice videos?? Here is my other favorite -

  2. Oh, man!! That is the BEST commercial I have seen in ages!!! :D

  3. It was so horky (is that a word?) is was too funny. Thanks for the giggles this morning.

  4. I've been watching this commercial over and over since someone else sent it in an email. I laugh EVERY TIME (look down, look back up....) EVERY TIME!!!! I saw it on tv during the olympics last night and laughed the entire time it was on (I'm on a horse....)

    My very favorite commercial EVER (and we don't watch commercials!!)


  5. Wow!!! I will have to show this to my teenage daughter (once she gets up).

  6. Dammit! My husband wears Old Spice and doesn't look ANYTHING like that! We must be doing something wrong.....

  7. I love all those Old Spice commercials -- I haven't spontaneously laughed at a commercial in forever, but these totally do it for me!!


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