Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our community had Beggar's Night last night, in nasty, cold, rainy weather. Tonight is more of the same weather, courtesy of Sandy, but no one is ringing our bell.

Peace, warmth, and safety be with all tonight.

And now for a Halloween giggle. Mom, this one is for you.


Paint that happy tree, Bob!

My best Halloween costume ever: I went to a costume party as a Black-Eyed Susan.

What was your best Halloween costume?


  1. Last week-end I attended a Halloween party in the costume I have wanted to wear since I was a young girl - Wonder Woman! My costume was less revealing than Lynda Carter's, but not much less, LOL! The party was lots of fun. :-)

  2. Never went to a costume party but always wanted to. I think John and I would both have fun with it.

  3. Steve and I loved Bob Rosse!

    My fave costumes: Steve as GI Joe, me as GI Jane. Camouflaged our faces - no one knew us.

  4. I taught first grade so I did dress up for Halloween occasionally. My favorite costume was me holding a blue umbrella with blue crepe paper streamers hanging from each rib, carrying a jar of peanut butter. I was a peanut butter and jellyfish. My humor escaped most first graders. The parents laughed!


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