Monday, October 22, 2012

Gratitude Journal #159

Today I am grateful for this boy.

And these boys.

Today, I am grateful for apple fritters and coffee and dark mornings and robes and fleece socks and fireplaces, for hot food and happy smiles, for holy days and prayer-filled nights, for love and kindness and friendship.

Today, I am grateful for chocolates from friends.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I'm grateful that my life is slowing down this week and I will finally have time for my projects.

    I'm grateful for this house tucked into the woods and the orchestra of leaves and trees.

    I'm grateful for the three that join me at the table at night.

  2. Bookwork updated
    Landlord Association work updated
    Filled rental properties
    Hard-working handymen
    The first buyer for a cemetery plot
    A prospective buyer for one of our rentals
    That my daughter that's single has joined a hiking club
    My BFF
    My grandson who just turned 15

  3. Love your pictures!
    Today I am grateful for a relatively relaxing weekend, the fact that both my husband and I still have jobs and our cute little Keurig mini brewer. It's hard to believe how much joy this little machine has brought to 3 out of 4 people in our house :)


  4. Great pics :)

    Today I'm grateful for no rain at the soccer game on Saturday so we could watch without getting wet.

    For our cat that is a purring machine and loves to snuggle.

    For a quiet day yesterday, which was greatly needed and appreciated :)

  5. I'm grateful for a friend in the neighborhood with whom I share dance carpooling, for neighbors whose son is on my son's soccer team gladly help out driving our son when need be.

    I'm grateful that I have three healthy children with robust energy; that I recognize that between two kids in soccer right now, two kids in gymnastics and one in competition dance, my husband and I must rely on others from time to time.

    I'm grateful for new neighbors for whom I haven't had to rely on for help with said kids :-). It was nice to welcome them and do something nice for them. The fact that they said they were quiet folks made me want to go back into the house and make them another batch of cookies. I'm grateful for quiet neighbors!!


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