Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Giggle: Politics

When I saw this on Pinterest, I laughed out loud.

And speaking of ticks...

Apparently, our warm winter really appealed to ticks of the six-legged kind, and Ohio is now eaten up with them. We would pick this year to move to the country. We've pulled several ticks off Daisy, and Nick had one on his head. When I removed it, I did what the tick-removal website said to do: I put it in a plastic baggie to show the doctor if Nick got sick later.

Isn't it weird how we go to Google every time an unusual situation arises, and as long as the advice we find there is remotely reasonable-sounding, we take it?

Also, did you know that the docs don't want to run tests on the tick? I bought the website's line that the tick would be tested, but my medical-technologist aunt informed me they just want to see what type of tick it was to give a better idea of what sort of disease might be transmitted.

Another urban legend bites the dust.

Anyway, Nick was thoroughly grossed out by the tick and the tiny bit of his flesh that was still attached to its head. Ewww. I left the room but soon heard a strange thwack, thwack, thwack sound and ran back into the kitchen, where I found my son, plastic spatula in hand, beating the tick to jelly and chanting, "Ticks must DIE!"

All-righty, then.

I suppose I could make a joke about politicians at this point, but really, beating them with plastic spatulas hardly seems worth the effort, not to mention it sounds a bit kinky and it's probably illegal.

Well, okay, definitely illegal.

That's why I recommend voting this November instead. Voting is legal and moral and ethical and won't leave your mom wondering if you're playing too many violent video games.

See? Sometimes you can get good advice on the Internet!


  1. Note to self, do not drink tea while reading Susan's blog. I almost spewed all over my keyboard.

    I'm with Nick; totally grossed out by ticks. That was one good thing about leaving the camping life to become a boater. Now we have fish flies and spiders; but no ticks.

  2. Here is another internet trick that DOES work in regards to ticks: for easy removal, take your thumb/finger on top of the body and twist into a circular motion (not between thumb and finger, just on top of the body) and the tick will just "back" out of the skin!! I wear gloves when I do this, as it grosses me out to touch them! No risk of leaving the head in the skin as with pulling the tick out (or the chance of getting burned by holding a recently lit match, blown out to the ticks body, as was the removal of choice when I was a kid!!)

    Here is a video link. It is weird, but kind of cool how easy this works! I've removed several ticks this way on the obnoxious pooch.

  3. Oh my! I laughed out loud when I read your references to politicians. Love your blog! Both, blogs actually :)

  4. Don't take a chance with Lyme's disease. Doctors here in NJ are now prescribing a 3- day Rx for tick bites within the first day or so to prevent Lyme's. I've suffered with recurrences for several years because when I got bitten, doctors still thought it was a myth and failed to treat it soon enough. Once you get it, the spirochetes never completely disappear, causing flareups--in my case, almost every April. If you nip it in the bud, you don't get the recurrences.

  5. I was sitting in the car, waiting for my daughter, when I read this post! I know people thought I was crazy I was laughing so hard. Thank you! I needed that!


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