Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things on Thursday: Grass

This morning, as the sun was rising behind iron-gray clouds, Jack shouted, "Look, Mommy! We have grass!" I looked, and Jack was right.

How uplifting and wonderful on this dreary, drippy, and depressing day!

It's amazing how Mother Nature is coming through for me even as German engineering (in the form of my 2003 Passat station wagon) is letting me down. Tuesday was a nightmare of car trouble just one week after spending a painful amount of money fixing several oil leaks. This new trouble isn't related to the old trouble, costs another painful amount of money to fix, and has completely eroded my trust in my car.

But grass is satisfyingly trustworthy. With good dirt, straw, water, and sun, it grows. It will not develop a coolant leak in the heating coil that will pollute my garage floor and drain my bank account.

So that's why, today, I am grateful for grass.

What thing makes you happy today?


  1. Having a trustworthy, skilled handyman.

    That my son was asked to speak to a computer class at a local community college. They liked him so well they want him to return next year.

    That my younger daughter has a great, new job and a nice, fairly new, boyfriend.

    That I can talk to God and know He hears and answers.

  2. That I will have a very quiet afternoon workout. No rushing around to fit it in my schedule or having to be somewhere later tonight.
    Have to say Pininterest makes me smile all the time too!

  3. Getting our income tax refund today makes me smile. My husband told me it was only $74, and I was happy because we didn't have to pay. Today he showed me what it really was, and it was a whole lot more. Smiles!!!

  4. I'm grateful for the "normal" results I received today from my annual mammogram. Big smile :)

  5. Day late and a dollar short...

    I'm happy because I really enjoyed the class I took last night with two friends from work.

    Our local stamping store offered a "coloring" class. It was fun and I learned some new techniques.

    They enabled me by offering a 10% discount on everything in the store. It was a good thing my wallet was kind of light last night.

    I did buy a Dove blender, I had no idea you could color with chalks. Can't wait to play.


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