Monday, April 30, 2012

Gratitude Journal #136

Today, I am grateful for winning two--not just one, but two!--baskets at the baseball association raffle. One basket included spa gift cards, lotions, and wine, and the other included grill accessories and a gift card to a local butcher!

Today, I am grateful George returned from abroad safe and sound last Thursday. After experiencing his twenty years in the military, I am accustomed to his leaving frequently, but this particular trip was no good and very bad on my end. His return not only signaled the return of my honey-bunny, but also the end of a run of unfortunate frustration. What a blessing!

Today, I am grateful for playdates and baseball and steak tacos and bang bang shrimp and birdsong and news from friends.

Today, I am grateful for the joy of servanthood, of doing for others without expectation of reward or thanks.

Today, I am grateful for visible progress on getting my junk cleared out, cleaned, organized.

Today, I am grateful for plain ol' joy of any kind.


I believe joy resides in a state of gratitude...gratitude for the Creator, for salvation, for love, for people, for passion, for laughter, for work, for opportunities to help and serve and inspire others.

Where do you think joy resides? What are you grateful for today?


  1. Today I'm grateful for the gifts I have been given and being able to use them to touch the lives of others.

    I'm thankful for naps and reading in bed.

    I believe joy resides deep within your heart and soul, a condition that is not determine by circumstances (that is happiness) but rather the knowledge that God is sovereign, loves me very, very much and has called me by name to be His child.

  2. Congratulations on winning the baskets - especially the spa basket - what a treat!

    I love the Robert Louis Stevenson quote you posted so I'll start off by saying I'm grateful to you for posting it and reminding me to feel joy in all the small details of the world.

    Joy for me resides in so many things - the beauty of my spring garden, the wagging tails of my two dogs, a leisurely dinner with a close girlfriend, a cup of tea and a good book, Sunday morning long distance phone calls to my Mum, the look on the faces of the special needs children I volunteer with when they are riding horses.... and many more things.

    That list also doubles for what I'm grateful for today. The conclusion being that joy and gratitude are very closely linked.


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