Monday, April 9, 2012

Gratitude Journal #133

Today, I am grateful for a joyful celebration of the Resurrection yesterday in worship. Up from the grave he arose!

Today, I am grateful to have had my friend Mary visit our crazy chaos yesterday to eat lunch and watch golf.

Today, I am grateful for Bubba Watson, whose attitude toward the game of golf made me pull for him all the way to the green jacket. Congratulations, Bubba.

Today, I am grateful for having our furniture...finally. Since Thursday, we've been sleeping on real beds, eating at a solid wood table, and trying to put clothes away in actual, honest-to-goodness dressers. It's wonderful!

Today, I am grateful for the chaos before the order. (If I say it, I might start feeling it!) This isn't the table we've been eating on (obviously) because the bolts were stripped after eight moves of assembly and disassembly and it won't stand up. Yet. We'll get it figured out. In the meantime, the breakfast table works just fine.

Today, I am grateful for this, our tenth move in 26 years. May it be the last move for a lonnnnng time!
What are you grateful for today?


  1. That I put the last coat of paint on the last 4 doors in my kitchen yesterday. 2 months of work. Glad it's done. Glad I did it.

    That my younger daughter is finally dating a Christian that got her to go to Church yesterday. I think the last time she stepped inside a Church was...well, actually, I can't remember when. She wasn't raised that way but because of negative experiences in her young adult life, she does not like "Church".

  2. Today I am grateful for a heart that was full to overflowing yesterday. Easter Sunday is one of my favorite days - the crux of my faith and reminder of the great love that allows an awesome relationship with God.

    I am grateful for my son's God Rod performance group that did an amazing performance to Arise My Love.

    I'm grateful I get to teach the Grade 5/6 Sunday school class and be able to pour God's Word and love into their lives.

    I'm grateful for the most amazing in-laws who spent three days with us this weekend.

    I'm grateful for a husband who can cook so well - ham, scalloped potatoes and veggies were amazing yesterday.

    I am grateful for 25 generations of Christians in my family tree.

    Yes, my cup runneth over today :)

  3. Forgot to add, we were cheering for Bubba too :) Lovely testimony his life is!

  4. Today I am grateful for a wonderful visit with our son and a wonderful Easter breakfast at Farmer's table. Don't care where we are -just we are together!

    Today I am grateful for community teachers who are involved with parents who want to make the school system work for them!

    Today I am grateful for friends that need visiting and a day off to do it!

    Today I am grateful for another baseball season! Go Rockies!

  5. I'm so grateful for the phenomenal staff our church has -- from the senior pastor, Christian Education director; Music Director; Director of Young Adult and Family Ministries, Director of Congregational Life. They are all just wonderful.

  6. I'm grateful that I have options and choices in my life. My life may not be easy right now be at least I can still decide which direction I want to go.


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