Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Are Your Diamonds?

Watching a jewelry store commercial got me thinking about my China Policy. That policy states that people should buy only what they truly need and want, not what other people or society tells them they should have. George and I don't have fine china or crystal. We don't want any, don't need any, and would much rather spend our money on ping pong tables, bookcases, and new knees for the dog.

And his and her Nook tablets. Let's not forget them.

That's just how we roll.

Other people love their china and crystal, and that's great.

Which brings me to diamonds. Last summer, my sister-in-law told me how some of her co-workers lust after ever-bigger diamonds. My sister-in-law has a lovely wedding set she will wear until she dies, but apparently her co-workers buy bigger diamonds every few years and show them off at work, and spend quite a lot of time talking about them.

It sounds to me like this diamond buying might be some sort of incredibly expensive, grown-up version of the add-a-bead craze. Remember those? When I was in junior high school, everyone--well, all the girls, at least--had add-a-bead necklaces. Who has the most beads? Ohmygod did you see Caroline's 32-inch chain completely filled with alternating gold and bloodstone beads? Eeeeee, I want those sooooo bad!!!!! My mom is so mean. She won't buy me any more! It's just not fair!!!!

I have no idea what happened to my add-a-beads, and in retrospect, I find the entire concept a tad silly. But then, I was in junior high and quite as silly as any other teenage girl who desperately wants to fit in and impress everyone.

As an adult, however, I've stopped trying to fit in and decided to be myself. Just as I'm not a china person, neither am I a jewelry person. Part of me completely understands why someone would want a big piece of pressurized coal on her finger. It's so shiny! But I can't stop my brain from calculating how many rubber stamps that much money could buy.

Yum. Rubber.

That yum was figurative.

Since that conversation with my sister-in-law, I've met several people who really love fine jewelry. One even works at a jewelry store to get the employee discount and spend her days surrounded by beauty.

That's the same reason I worked in book stores.

Which leads us to this week's question. What are your diamonds? What are the not-entirely-necessary items you thoroughly enjoy spending money on? Have your diamonds changed over the years?

Books and rubber stamps are my diamonds, and at an earlier times in my life, so were add-a-beads, clothes, and fountain pens.

How 'bout you?


  1. Yep, stamps & books for me too. I *love* books! I honestly don't remember what had my attention when I was younger. I knew even then that I was not a clothes or jewelry person, so those things never appealed.

  2. I do love diamonds and yet I'm not really a jewelry person. Poor John has been trying for ten years now (on March 1st) to get me to be a jewelry person. I have so many lovely pieces of it from him and yet nearly everyday I wear the same pair of earrings. We never go anywhere that provides the opportunity for me to wear all of this lovely jewelry. Not complaining at all - I'm content in our life. I do like fine China and/or all of those things that would make a Martha Stewartish-looking table - but again, we are just two of us and rarely have dinner guests. The fine China, here, is John's and I do like to use it for the odd large dinner.

    I'm too fat to enjoy spending money on clothes that look awful on me.

    But, I too, love that taste of rubber or clear stamps and anything associated with this ginormous craft.

    The other thing I love is flowers. And anything Starbuck's. Oh, and chocolate. And travel. Love to travel. I have a large list but I'll stop here.

    Just not anymore jewelry. I tell him to stop but I noticed an ad on his desk for a necklace. I've suggested a pedicure instead. But somehow I think the necklace will win out.

  3. I always wanted to work in a bookstore. :-) Books were my diamonds. I am trying to resist buying them now, and am using the library. Stamps are my current "thing". I also love stationery. I am not so much a jewelry person. Even though I find it pretty to look at, I never put it on! Just my engagement and wedding bands, and my ten-year anniversary earrings. They make me happy as well as being beautiful. :-)

  4. Ah Susan, you always make me think. I love sparkle, and diamonds do that so well. But, I remarried last summer and did not go for the big rock. Instead I chose a big aquamarine that matches my sweetie's eyes. It is joined on each side by two smaller oval diamonds. A girl has to have some bling.

    What are my diamonds?

    Craft stuff is my Achilles heel. I love stamping, sewing, scrapping and so much more. JoAnn fabrics is a very dangerous place for me. And yes, at several points in my life I thought about getting a job there.

    I also have an obsession, er fondness for placemats and napkins. Our very plain white china is from Costco. It was a style and price compromise between the hubby and I. I do love that I can dress it up or down with pretty mats and napkins.

    And I think the last would be quality kitchen tools. I love to cook and bake; and it's so much easier if you have the right tools. Kitchen stores are a place to dream!

  5. I have just one diamond. And while I've come to appreciate it, it's really one diamond too many. I've never wanted or needed an engagement ring, but it was important to my husband. I lobbied for more practical choices, like an engagement down payment savings account or an engagement vacation.

    These days, craft supplies, toddler music classes, and good food are my diamonds.

  6. What a great question, Susan, and love your post - giggled at the figurative rubber :)

    I'm not a huge jewellery person for the most part, maybe due to playing so many sports and it not being practical or safe to do so. When I worked downtown in high end offices I wore it much more often than I do now that I'm at home.

    Do love buying stamps and stamping supplies and love to read too. Unfortunately, time is short except for the summer, spring break and Christmas vacation so can't read as much as I would like, though I think the Kindle Fire I got for my b-day will definitely help out in that department :)

    I too am a "need versus want" person so practicality wins out more times than not in all areas of my life and my diamonds tend to be more relational: time with family, friendships, mentoring, studying God's word and teaching the Grade 5/6 Sunday School class and rejoicing in Phil 1:6 :)

  7. I'm not a jewelry person either; nor am I a clothes/purse person and I happen to be the only one like that in my family. So I'd a hard time convincing my family that I didn't care for either and would rather spend my money elsewhere.

    My diamonds are stamps and everything related - could be an electronic die cutter,etc. Also fabric for my sewing. I love to read books but almost never buy them. Library is my good friend :-)

  8. Hmmm. I do love diamonds. And, I used to enjoy buying myself jewelry. But, I'm still wearing the same wedding rings as on our wedding day 34 years ago.

    I guess I stopped collecting jewelry about the same time I discovered stamping! I love buying just about anything I used for paper crafting.

    My other weaknesses are vintage lace and linens. And green depression glass. When I discover that there is an estate auction on a Saturday...oh no. I have to decide between staying home to stamp or going to the auction. What's a girl to do?

    Anyway, I love your post Susan!

  9. I have a 3 diamond ring in the perfect setting that I chose a couple years ago. My extravagance was buying an iPad 2 for myself in October. I absolutely love it. I MAYBE spend a little too much time on it.
    Most of my apps are free...probably spent less than $20 so even thinking about upgrading to iPad 3 when it comes out! I use it to read books from the library and blogs.

  10. I'm not a jewelry person at all. My diamonds as a child were china horses - I had a great collection! As an adult, I've always bought more plants than my garden can hold! And I have far too much yarn - I'd have to knit constantly to get it all used. And far too many card-making supplies!! But I don't buy many books even though I read constantly - I'm dedicated to the public library and use it constantly.

  11. My diamonds are travel and original works of art - not madly expensive, just stuff I like. Paper supplies is fast becoming a diamond too. My preference in jewels is not diamonds - I do not like sparkly stones.

  12. Another vote for stamps & books. And pretty paper.

    I never had an engagement ring - why spend the money? But friends of mine talk about how they "expect" a bigger diamond for their 10th anniversary. Really? I don't understand it at all.


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