Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things on Thursday: A Recliner I Can Live With

George and I had an excruciatingly painful weekend of furniture shopping last weekend. You see, we have opposite styles of shopping. George is a hunter: decide what you want, pull the trigger, wait for delivery. I, on the other hand, prefer to browse, compare and contrast, weigh the options, consider the big picture of long-term practicality and short-term affordability, ponder how well each piece fits with what we have and what we still want to buy.

Basically, we drive each other crazy. We settled on an entertainment center only because George gave up and said, "Go by yourself and get whichever one you want." Which I did.

And yes, I changed my mind twice while doing so but got there in the end.

One thing George and I completely and totally agreed on, however, was this incredibly comfortable chair.

We liked it so much we ordered two (along with a mission side table to put between), scheduled for delivery to our home library on the 15th. I have to clear out some boxes to make room for them, as the library currently looks like a banker's box warehouse.

Next, we need a pair of desks and some bookshelves, and the library will be finished.

Heaven help us.


  1. my husband says he is a 'purchaser', not a shopper. he goes in, gets what he wants, pays for it and leaves! he sounds a lot like George! Love your new recliners. it looks very comfy! enjoy!

  2. What a gorgeous chair! I think it would be the perfect recliner for our living room, too. Would you mind sharing the manufacturer's name and any other information about the chair that could help me find it here in NC?

  3. Amy, here's the link to it on Amazon. We bought ours at Ashley Home Furnishings, so we won't have to assemble them. I hope!

  4. My sister-in-law has this exact chair, and I love it. It really is as comfy as it is beautiful.

  5. Love the style of the chair! You and I should go shopping together, we like so many of the same things. Can't wait to see photos of the finished rooms.


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