Monday, February 13, 2012

Gratitude Journal #125

Today, I am grateful for steak and bacon and pork and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Today, I am grateful for Prilosec.

Today, I am grateful for an offer on our old house.

Today, I am grateful in advance for workers who WILL fix the leak in my brand-new basement. I'm trying so hard to be positive about wet carpet and tile....

Today, I am grateful for smiles and laughter, friends and family, and furry golden dogs who eat socks.

Today, I am grateful for this picture Nick took of the furry golden dog (mid-yawn) who eats socks:

Her Real Personality...Goofball.

Today, I am grateful for worship services that reset my attitude.

What are YOU grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful that my knee is feeling better. I fell on Friday, and I must have fallen on it while it was bent, which I do not recommend.

    At any rate, I can now walk up and down stairs almost completely normally!

  2. I am grateful for the ones I love-
    Two little girls whose fanciful decorating of their Valentine Day boxes has left glitter all over my kitchen table and half used sheets of puffy heart stickers; one little boy who will bring in a Valentine Day box for the last time tomorrow (unlike the girls, he has a utilitarian pre made foam box (that came with stickers with which to decorate which the girls used to decorate the box for him)).

    I'm grateful for icing bowls half filled with icing and germs as little fingers that couldn't resist the call of the sugar, succeeded in consuming as much icing as appeared on their heart and cupid shaped sugar cookies.

    I'm grateful for Pandora charms and a husband who thinks they're cute and that my bracelet should be adorned with them (this thought only came about by my mentioning and showing a brochure of said cute charms and remarking about what great Valentine Day presents they would make). The fact that I mentioned being grateful for Pandora charms before mentioning my husband does not mean that I am more grateful for the charms than for him. He is my prince charming and I am very grateful for him!!

  3. Today I am grateful for my husband's patience. And for the beautiful Valentine card he chose for me!
    Today I am grateful that we got only a couple of inches of snow last night.
    Today I am grateful for a co-worker that brough yummy, fresh doughnuts for his friends, me included. Yum...lemon filling :)
    Today I am grateful that it's Tuesday. Monday was a very stressful day.
    And, I am grateful for your blog Susan. Because it prompted me to look at these things this morning.
    Thank you!!!

  4. Today I am grateful for vacation! We are visiting wonderful friends on their boat in the Bahamas! Just a couple days here; but what a neat break in the heart of winter.

    Today I am grateful for a husband who overlooks my failings and is learning how to go with the flow. I'm sure we'll get the pre-paid money back for the park and ride place we could not find in Fort Lauderdale.

    Today I am grateful for computers! I'm thousands of miles from home and still connected.

  5. Today I'm grateful for a warm bra and knickers ( I put them on the radiator last night and they were so lovely to put on this cold morning)


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