Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Giggle of Goldens

George found this fabulously true picture on Pinterest last night. Daisy's mother Mango had this exact advice, and Daisy has taken it very, very seriously.

I wonder how much money veterinarians make each year because of this canine sock fetish.


  1. It is amazing how many puppies heard this momma Golden! Our Sophie certainly did! What a sweet photo. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are getting settled in a bit more each day.

  2. A friend watched our golden when we took an Alaskan cruise. When we came home she said, "You didn't tell me that Holly was gatherer." My blank expression prompted the story of the pile of socks she found each morning in her kitchen. It's funny, because she never did that at home.

  3. LOL! My Coco, when she gets excited, MUST have something in her mouth. If there is a sock somewhere close, that is her item of choice! Dogs crack me up!


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