Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gratitude Journal #119

Today, I am grateful for closing on the new house last Thursday (a day late, but done!).

Today, I am grateful for sleep. We've been crashing into bed each night shamefully early. Even on New Year's Eve.

Today, I am grateful for delivery and moving people. We've had the nicest men deliver our fridge, new furniture, and some of our stuff from the old house. When our old house sells, we'll be able to get the rest of our furniture and REALLY get settled!

Today, I am grateful for dollies (AKA hand-trucks). With the aide of the dolly I bought last week and frozen rather than muddy ground, George and I were able to get the ping pong table into the basement yesterday. George assembled the table, with a little help from me and Nick, and we're now able to paddle the ball back and forth. Daisy likes to catch stray balls, which makes for quite the work-out to save her from choking on the durn things.

Today, I am grateful for the memories the word "dolly" brings up. My grandfather was known as Dolly. He was rather small, but strong and extraordinarily useful. He also loved me far more than I deserved, and I thought about that while moving the ping pong table.

Today, I am grateful for a new year, a clean slate, and freedom from the rush our lives became in the past two months. A slower pace, greater peace, getting back to some sort of routine. What a blessing.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am thankful your internet is up! I truly miss your musings when there is more than a day or two between them!

    I am grateful for the mechanical skills of my husband. When I say there is a 'noise' in the car, he can usually ferret out the problem.

    I am grateful for my grandson. Home for the holidays from college, he actually tried my broccoli salad..(with coaxing) and then came back for more saying, 'I should have known my grandma wouldn't steer me wrong.(smile)

    And I am grateful for the feeling of a fresh slate that the new year brings.
    Lu C


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