Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things on Thursday: The Devil in the Tile

You know how sometimes hidden pictures jump out at you? Weird arrangements of raindrops on a car window form bunny ears that get swept away in the airstream. Jesus appears on your morning toast. A cloud looks like a turtle or elephant or an open book.

Well, here's what I see every morning in my shower.

It looks like a devil's face (well, half a devil's face, appearing from the left) painted by William Blake, don't you think? At first, I found this devil in my bathroom tile creepy, but then I remembered this pin from Pinterest:

Now, I see the devil's expression in a slightly different context. Yep. I'm freakin' him out.




Of course, it could be an expression of horror at seeing me naked, but I prefer not to think about that.


  1. I LOVE that sentiment and have it pinned to my board as well. I giggled at your last sentence - love how you write :) Have a great day!

  2. If you get too freaked out, look at the image and see a wooly bear or dog sniffing at your feet. I love floor images!

  3. I snorted at your last comment, Susan! Lucky I had just swallowed my mouthful of coffee, LOL! Hilarious. I can see your devil, and I love your new approach to him. :-)

  4. LMBO!!! You are too funny - love coming to your blog!

  5. I admit, I play the same game. Who knows what I'll see next time I'm in the bathroom... ;D

  6. Oh Susan, this is the best! And you ARE that kind of woman.

  7. Susan, I love the way you look at the world...and the way you share it with all of us!
    Loved that last sentence, too ;o)

  8. It looks more like a buffalo or a Texas Longhorn to me...only an English major would see Satan...

  9. This happened to me once, too! I was staying in a nice hotel room and saw an evil female face in an abstract painting in the bathroom. I was so freaked out/creeped out that I considered changing rooms, but ultimately threw a towel over the picture. And I don't even believe in devils! Hmm...maybe I do and just didn't know it.


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