Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things on Thursday: Funky Furniture

Well, funky is a highly relative term, don't you think? For me and George, funky is anything that isn't boring and traditional, that steps outside what we generally think of as safe and typical. We definitely think of funky as good, though of course we know that funky can carry negative connotations as well. When applied to furniture, funky can look like this rather formal yet decidedly eclectic furniture set:

Can't wait to curl up in this chair with a good book!

This is the set we just bought for our new living room. It's funky in that it has six different fabrics plus leather, and a rather unusual profile and shape. Best of all, George and I both love it, though neither of us can articulate quite why. Except that it's different, and well-made, and extremely comfortable, and, well,  funky.

Very generally speaking, I prefer light colors (beachy blues, greens, whites, and sand) and furniture with very clean and simple lines (think Danish modern or a breezy, beachy style), although my tastes in home decor truly are wildly eclectic and flexible, from medieval tapestries to Tudor chairs to Georgian desks to Victorian sofas to Shaker simplicity. George is a dude, and therefore prefers dark, rich reds and greens with substantial Mission style furniture, leather, and/or rustic styles.

Our new house is rather traditional, and the interior just doesn't scream Danish modern to me. The dark cherry floors and tan walls and light fixtures are warm and cozy, not light and beachy. When we started looking for furniture, we had no idea what we wanted. Mostly we were gravitating toward traditional shapes and colors.

Until we saw the funky furniture, which we think will look great in this family room space.

Do you prefer traditional or ultra-modern or country ruffles or rustic mountain cabin or Danish modern or some other style for your home? Do you prefer matchy-matchy or eclectic pieces or pieces that tell your family's story? Would you have bought the wagon-wheel-chandeliered ballroom?
Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. OH MY GOSHNESS! That furniture is AMAZING!!! Ohhhh....that is a great book chair. Enjoy!

  2. I like clean lines nothing that is girly or flowery. I like furniture that has a story and I like using pieces in unexpected ways and places (I have a mission oak china cabinet in my bedroom, for example, a dressing table in my studio).I'm very much into texture as well as rich color (deep reds, indigo, purple). I hate window treatments and I love hardwood floors. I have a strong sense of style but I'm also comfort-oriented and practical. When I go furniture shopping, I know exactly what I'm looking for and seldom have trouble making a decision. My husband likes my style and has rarely, if ever, been involved in helping pick out furniture. He even loves the purple sofa I bought.

  3. We're still living with early marriage mixed, with a few tables inherited from both sides of the family. In general I like traditional, but I like light colors-think beach grays and sea blues and greens. Mostly I like stuff that does with the paintings, mostly original art in blues and greens. I still would like a red sofa, but I am being fought on that one!

  4. Love your furniture. I'm a total Americana girl.

  5. Great choice!

    As for us...well, I am typically pretty boring. We have a HUGE room and unfortunately for us could not agree, so we got 2 sets. Sheesh. My set was dark brown with lots of pillows that had a funky design. My husband's was a sectional, light color simple --but the all important recliner built in.


  6. We still have our mid-century modern which I love. We've added some antique pieces we've inherited and it all goes together....quite eclectic.

  7. oh that furniture is just made for a good book...beautiful--

    our house is a contemporary with blonde maple floors and huge windows so simple furniture works best. I love a variety of styles, except that super fussy stuff with curlicues, etc.

  8. Actually as I look at your new furniture I see the tapestry, the multiple patterns of medieval, the darkness and lines of Victorian--I think you hit most of what you like-now a good reading lamp and I'll be over to sequester myself in your chair with the sweet serenity of books......

  9. Your furniture looks great, it has character.
    I love clean lines, warm wood tones, lots of cozy textures too. Earlier this year we were looking for new furniture, and I really love the couch we picked for downstairs, mainly because of its cool looking fabric. It's a dark brown mixed with aqua tweedy looking fabric. My husband would have been fine with any old couch as long as it's comfortable, but he does like the one we got. And he picked out the coffee table, so he was content. Overall I like eclectic over matching stuff.

  10. Still trying to figure out my style. Definitely not matchy-matchy: a deep red leather sofa; a soft green (think pear tart) leather recliner (which doesn't look like a recliner - very important!); and a big, comfy, overstuffed chair upholstered in gorgeous golden yellow fabric, with tiny stripes of red and green that makes the other 2 colors work together.

    Aha, I've got it! My style is "colorful summer salad." No wagon-wheel chandeliered ballroom for me.

    Love what you've picked out, Susan. It looks very you!

  11. So love reading your blog and setting up your new house!

    My style is anything that yells at me "take me home". You know when you see something and your creative side just takes over.

    Love the furniture you picked out. You can do so many things with it!
    Only guess I have is can you lay out on the sofa and take a nap? Very important in my world. :)

  12. Love your choice! Reminds me of what our youngest daughter has, and her living room is so warm and comfy.

    I don't know what to call my style. Traditional with country touches, maybe? Lots of blue; only one room in my house does not have some blue! I don't like sharp transitions. LR is blue and green, decorated around a beautiful area rug I found on sale really cheap at Macy's. The adjacent great room is navy, red and green, based on a wonderful paisley fabric on two wing back chairs. Two red love seats face each other in front of the fireplace, a bold move for me 7 yrs ago -- shocked the family, but I love them! The great thing is that I can move a couple of occasional chairs from the LR to the great room and vice versa, as needed. There will be 14 of us for Christmas, starting tomorrow, so flexibility is important.

    Throw in an antique secretary, my greatgrandmother's buffet, my grandmother's pie safe, a writing desk my DH made from an old Singer sewing machine base -- quite a mix. Accent with blue and white china pieces and some Wedgewood green jasperware. Most accessories have a story. Maybe I'm eclectic! Definitely not matchy-matchy.

  13. When the boys were young, living on a farm meant that brown furniture was our best option because brown hides many types of farm dirt. Now that they have moved out, I am gravitating towards more colors. I find that mostly I like things that have memories attached or that have been touched by many hands before mine....that have a story in them.


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