Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Opposite of Stupid Human Tricks

Last week, I added a new board to my Pinterest account and titled it Stupid Human Tricks. This board stands out from my other boards, which have titles like Happy Photos, Cute Beyond Belief, Favorite Places and Spaces, Pure Inspiration, and Yes, Of Course. My first pin to Stupid Human Tricks was an x-ray of a woman's foot in a stiletto shoe. My apologies to those of you who like stilettos, but why would you torture your bones and ligaments to be four inches taller?

I don't get it. Never have, never will.

But this morning, I found an article on Happy News that made me think, "Well, isn't this the OPPOSITE of a stupid human trick?!?!!"

And yes, I do think in egregious exclamation points. Especially at this time of year.

Police Issue Gift Cards

Here's another Not-Stupid Human Trick:

Diamond Ring Dropped in Salvation Army Kettle

And another:

Anonymous Gift Keeps Water on for 17 Households

I have no idea what very-important-and-monumentally-stupid stuff is going on in the world right now, having not read or or even RoadRunner's news page, or even listened much to NPR lately. But I sure can tell you a lot of the not-stupid stuff.

And it's making me love the world.

Except for the stilettos. Those are just cruel.

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  1. I'd pinned a similar xray image to one of my boards in the hope that people might stop and think how unnatural it is to wear high heels. And just cause I like xrays.


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