Monday, December 19, 2011

Gratitude Journal #117

Today, I am grateful for the response to my last blog post. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Today, I am grateful for tripods and camera timers and a husband who's not afraid to use them.

Check out the construction rubble in front of us. The front door was covered in scaffolding as they added the stucco and arch over the front porch. Hard to believe we'll have a final walk-thru on Wednesday and close a week later, but oh how exciting!!!!

Today, I am grateful for parties where interesting people come together over delicious food and enjoy each other's conversation. When the party takes place in a castle (well, the modern domestic equivalent of one), it's even more fun.

Today, I am grateful for packages and the delivery people who bring them to your door, especially the one who brought our wine basket the other day and was so concerned that I was of age to sign for it. Aren't you the sweetest thing?!?!

Today, I am grateful for Jesus, my Lord, and the sermon Pastor Suzanne preached yesterday on Jesus as Lord. I kind of forget that in this celebration of His birth as a little baby, you know.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. Today I am grateful for a wonderful uplifting Saturday spent baking 70 dozen cookies. My mom, sister, daughter and son in law all pitched in to help bake for our local VFW Ladies Auxiliary bake sale.

    My sister and I sold the cookies at work to help; our efforts added $300 to the profits. The Ladies are always hard pressed with their budget. They support the VFW National Home, programs in the VA Hospital, Operation Snowball and so many other fine veterans programs.

    I am grateful we were able to do something to help. : )

  2. Being in Seattle with my family and enjoying the sites.

    Christmas cookies.

    Wrapping gifts.

    Bold coffee from my daughter's Moka pot.

    I love your photo.

  3. I'm grateful for the voices of our 50+ choir yesterday who sang for three church services. The congregations seemed touched by our offerings. I'm also grateful for our wonderful music director, our oh-so-talented minister, our youth director and all the devoted staff.

  4. LOVE the picture!! Hat on the dog is precious :)

    So much to be thankful for today! Kids are on break so they are all mine (no daycare kids) and we can bake and decorate cookies, make a gingerbread house and wrap presents together. Thankful for the busy part of December being over and things slowing down a bit now, beyond blessed by the God Rod performance my son was in as they did their synchronized movement to O Holy Night (cried my eye liner off LOL), and thankful for the joy in my heart as I reflect on the precious, precious gift we have been given through the birth of Christ, must to name a few :)

  5. Can't believe you got Daisy to wear the hat!

    I'm thankful for -
    - modern medecine,
    - doctors who are patient and will answer questions
    - Having a touch of South Africa here
    - a tree full of lychees

  6. What a great photo! Next year I bet you won't be lined up quite so neatly - you and George will have to stand on the steps to stay the taller two. :-)

    Today I am grateful for the Christmas celebrations that bring family together.

    Today I am grateful that the sun has decided to come out to visit in a beautiful blue-sky day.


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