Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things on Thursday: Hail

We've had a LOT of precipitation lately, mostly in the form of rain. We've not had truly damaging weather in our corner of Ohio...just a few limbs down. How I pray it stays that way!

Yesterday, we had hail. It was tiny and cute hail...just little pellets that danced cheerily off the grill and deck and couldn't hurt a tomato plant if it tried.

In Wichita, Kansas, we saw hail as big as softballs in a storm that did millions of dollars worth of damage across the city. In Rapid City, we had so much hail--golf-ball size and smaller--in one storm that it looked like snow drifts. We've had cars dented by hail in at least three states.

Yesterday's hail, in comparison, was quite tame.

Today, I'm grateful for cheerful hail.

What's the biggest hail you've ever seen? Where was it?

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  1. Baseball sized hail, on the floor among shards of glass that used to be my living room window. I live in east central Alberta. Would rather not ever see that again. You can just imagine what the siding on my house looked like. Thank God the vehicles were in the garage.


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