Monday, May 2, 2011

Gratitude Journal #88

Today, I am grateful to those who are helping the homeless, powerless, and devastated people in the South.

Today, I am grateful for justice.

Today, I am grateful for walks in the woods.

Today, I am grateful for hugs and kisses, family togetherness, meals eaten together, and boys tucked safely into bed at night.

Today, I am grateful for a million little kindnesses.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. You always give me things to think about :) Many years ago, I purchased a little book called "14,000 Things to be Happy About". You could have written it! Thanks for being such a positive influence on so many!

  2. Today, and everyday, I am grateful for the husband who brings me coffee every morning...and leaves me delightful cards to find while he is out of town. I am grateful for the perfumes, lotions, mousses and gels that clutter our daughter's bathroom counter, because it means that she is home. And I am so very grateful for the sight of her wandering about the house in her mint julep facial mask. Ahh, family! :)


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